Team Chasing

Cotswolds activity team chasing
  • The seasons run Spring (March -April) and Autumn (August - November)
  • Team chasing “combines the thrill of the chase, the speed of racing, the skill of eventing and the discipline of show jumping with spectacular ups and downs....” A team of four gallops cross country, jumping about 25 natural obstacles, against the clock. The aim is to get at least three horses home, so it also involves teamwork and tactics. As a spectacle, it is fast and furious and ever so slightly crazy. The courses are often in renowned hunting country.
  • Cotswold Horse Tours can take you to a team chase where you can get close to the exhilarating action, walking the course from jump to jump and watching the teams before nipping back to the Pimms bar to warm up!
  • A good day out.

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