Cotswolds activity hunting
  • The season runs from 01 November to 04 March
  • A pack of hounds, controlled by a huntsman and his whippers-in, track a scent laid by a horseman a few minutes ahead with the aim of replicating the natural actions of a fox as it has been illegal to hunt foxes with dogs since 2005. A field of mounted followers, controlled by the field master, attempt to keep hounds in view by jumping fast across country. Despite the ban, and the passionate debate for or against hunting, it remains a way of life in rural England.
  • There are three packs of foxhounds local to Cirencester: the Cotswold; the VWH and the Beaufort, which hunt several days a week, and a local pack of beagles (RAC) that trail hunt on foot once a week.
  • Cotswold Horse Tours can take you to a Meet when you can join in the craic and see the spectacle of hounds, horses and huntsmen in their finery.
  • If you have sufficient proven skill, we can organise the hire of a horse so you can actually take part.
  • In the summer months, we can visit kennels to see behind the scenes and learn more of hounds and how the countryside is organised to ensure hunting can take place.

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