Cirencester activity dressage
  • The season runs all year round.
  • A highly skilled form of riding performed in exhibition and competition, a horse and rider are expected to carry out a pattern of predetermined movements which are marked by the judges, something like gymnastics. Britain does not have a deep tradition of dressage but it is growing in popularity, with over 2000 days of affiliated competition across the year.
  • Cotswold Horse Tours can arrange individual or group tuition from a qualified trainer at a friendly local yard, on capable school horses. This is possible all year round as there are both indoor and outdoor schools available. Costs start at approximately £50 per person, depending on group size. It is easy to combine this package with other activities.
  • We also can arrange 45 minute specialist lessons on a dressage schoolmaster at an internationally recognised training centre. Costs start at £100 per person.
  • Cotswold Horse Tours can take you to a dressage show, from those regularly held in Cirencester up to to International competitions a few miles further away at Summerhouse or Hartpury. This package includes entry tickets and official programme. Your expert guide can explain what is happening, pick out the riders and the best horses as you watch the tests. Hospitality might be arranged at a gala performance but there is always ‘street food’ to try and that is part of the fun - but don’t expect ‘healthy’ eating. Cost starts at approximately £60 per person, depending on group size and hospitality options. It is very easy to combine this package with other activities.

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