Cotswolds activity polo
  • Polo is available all year round
  • In polo, the objective is to score goals against an opposing team by driving a very small ball around a very large pitch with very long-handled mallets. Each game lasts one to two hours, divided into short periods of fast action called 'chukkas'. A team has four players and they have a new pony for each chukka so there are lots of horses involved. Cirencester Park Polo Club, the oldest in the UK, is located in incomparable parkland, within walking distance of the town centre.
  • Cotswold Horse Tours can organise a range of lessons and training days with qualified, professional coaches in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The lessons start on wooden horses learning stick and ball skills and progress to actual chukkas before perhaps watching a match from the clubhouse. Outdoor polo, on grass, is available only May to October but arena polo, on a synthetic surface, is available all year round. Packages start at £140 p.p. depending on group size. Add-ons might include a photographer to record your progress.
  • We can provide a hospitality package, with VIP club day membership, programme, champagne reception with an introduction to polo talk, catered lunch and tea. Cost starts at £200 p.p.(min 2 people, max 5

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